Backing up Dentrix is critical

Backing up your Dentrix database files, at a minimum, is critical in order to survive a data loss. If you missed any data while backing up, it would not be restored in the event of a data loss. Doing daily backup of your Dentrix is not only a strong recommendation of TechForce, but taking it further is going to make sure that you are backing up correctly, and including the right files. Data loss can still occur even though you are backing up, by backing up incorrectly.  TechForce would like to share with you the RIGHT way to back up your Dentrix.

Quick Steps to Backup Dentrix G5/G6

  1. Close Dentrix on all computers to ensure a good backup.
  2. Export database and configure a daily Scheduled Export of the database. Scheduled Exports should be set to occur 1 hour prior to when your automated backup service runs.
    1. Close all Dentrix modules on all computers on the network.
    2. On main computer or server where the main module is installed, locate and double-click the executable for Dentrix Server Administration Utility. The Dentrix Server Administration Utility dialog box appears.
    3. Click the Export/Restore Database tab. The Export/Restore Database tab options will appear.
    4. Under Scheduled Database Exports, choose Enable Scheduled Exports.
    5. Configure the following options:
      • Time: Add/Enter the time when you want the export to take place.
      • Days: Select the check boxes that correspond to the days of the week you want export to occur.
    6. Click Update Scheduled Status to save the export schedule. The export will start at the specified time on the selected days until you disable this feature. The length of time requires to make a complete copy of your database depends on the size of the database (the number of patients, transactions, claims, and so forth).
  3. Make a backup copy of the Dentrix\Common directory. We recommend making a backup of this folder on a daily basis.