Data loss can occur anytime and in many ways. Some most common causes of data loss include a physical failure of your PC, a natural disaster like fire, flood or storm, an accidental error or theft. Moreover, the growing numbers of malware attacks are also a major threat to critical business information. This is why backing up your critical data is now such an essential thing to do

Here are some key things for you to consider when backing up Sofdent.

When and how to backup SoftDent?

It is critical to safely transfer and store your valuable practice management and image data and to easily access it whenever needed. The best recommendation is to back up server’s entire SoftDent database directory on a daily basis along with any folders that contain images accessed from within the SoftDent. Here is a list of the minimum set of files and folders that should be backed up to maintain a valid SoftDent database.

  • TW
  • PW Images
  • XRay Directories

If any of the above exists outside the Softdent Directory, they need to be backed up individually.

Security and integrity of your data is of paramount importance, as practices usually have large amounts of confidential and sensitive information about their patients. Keep your patient information secure and ensure fast data restoration so your practice can quickly return to normal in case of a system failure.