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ProTech Complete

Comprehensive coverage: Desktop Defender workstation support, 1TB of cloud-based backup (Rapid Restore), TechForce Help Desk

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Desktop Defender workstation support, 100 GB of file-level backup, TechForce Help Desk

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ProTech Core

Just the basics: Workstation Support and 100 GB of file-level backup

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Desktop Defender

Workstation Monitoring & Maintenance, AntiVirus, Secure Remote Access

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Backup & Event Server Monitoring, Maintenance, and AntiVirus (reporting only)

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Backup & Event Server Monitoring, Maintenance, and AntiVirus (with remediation)

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Ransomware Protection

 Ransomware Attack Prevention, Detection & Response

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File-level backup including monitoring, maintenance, management, and remediation

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Rapid Restore

Get your data back faster. Cloud-based block-level backup with up to 1TB of storage

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Enough of the silent treatment–We make sure your hardware and software are communicating seamlessly and efficiently. Powered by a founding member of the Dental Integrators Association, we offer a full spectrum of integration services with unmatched dental expertise. We can even consult with you before you buy to guarantee your new equipment meets the unique needs of your practice. And in the event of an integration dysfunction, our expert team ensures that you aren’t sent to ping-pong between manufacturers playing the blame game. We’ll own your problem until it’s solved so you can get back to your patients without missing a beat.


Whether it’s a new practice, new office, new hardware, or new software, our team will set you up for success. Available however you need us, we can help you choose equipment that’s right for you or install what you’ve already chosen. And because we’re brand agnostic, we’ll never try to steer you in a direction that’s not right for you. Certified in most dental hardware and with over 20 years of installation experience, you can be confident that you’ll only have to make one call to get the job done right.

Network Security

From patient information to patient images to office documents, your data is your most valuable asset and is essential to running your dental practice. Protect your network with our 24/7/365 monitoring. We create a secure perimeter around your data so no one else gets in and your information won’t get out. Unlike universal data protection companies, we work from a clear understanding of HIPAA compliance and the particular issues your dental practice faces day to day, making sure your patients’ information and your practice are safe. We never take a break, so you can.

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