The growing popularity of the term “The Cloud” has caused a lot of confusion in the dental community and specifically with many practice owners. There are so many meanings and uses of the term, however, there is one very clear use of the cloud that is taking high tech dental practices to new heights; backup and disaster recovery. It appears from the surface that disaster recovery through cloud can be an expensive and a complex task, however, when you put your disaster recovery plan in cloud, your fears will quickly be alleviated.

Benefits of cloud based disaster recovery solutions:

  • Quick Recovery: Operating systems, applications, data and configurations can be encapsulated easily into one single, virtual snapshot. This “snapshot” of your entire server allows data to be backed up at an offsite data center that can be retrieved in no-time, in case of a disaster. This makes cloud based disaster recovery a meaningful tool for practices that can’t afford an interruption of operations after being hit by a disaster.
  • Cost Savings: No need to spend money on backup tapes that, not only cost too much, but also take a lot of time to restore in case of emergency. Instead, enjoy cost savings with an easily affordable and higher capacity solution that allows you to maintain your data backups in the cloud.
  • Flexible and Scalable: Shifting disaster recovery into the cloud offers you flexibility in terms of improving your storage capacity as your business grows. This is surely better than committing yourself to a specific amount of storage and worrying about exceeding storage limits
  • Safety: The term “get what you pay for” certainly describes the market for backup and disaster recovery solutions. There are areas of computer network where financial concessions can be made. However, the backup and disaster recovery systems are not one of them.Feel free to contact us to learn more or to look for a comprehensive service provider like Darby TechForce, who can offer you compliant solutions to keep your practice’s systems running efficiently, smoothly and compliantly.