Chartless dentistry is not just about shifting your patient charts onto a computer. Ultimately, it has to do with how patient information flows in your office and the way it supports your everyday processes. It is about accessing your patient information anywhere and anytime; inside the office and remotely. Chartless environments, when created for a dental practice, make operations simpler, easier, faster, efficient and more profitable.

Other advantages of going chartless:

    • Easy access to your important files and data: The electronic management of charts reduces the time spent on searching and retrieving files manually and decreases your reliance on physical files and folders.
    • Reduces cost and adds efficiency: Chartless systems are designed to free you from labor hours spent on maintaining paper charts and patient files. They lower overhead costs including, stationery (paper and toner etc.) and physical space (cabinets and closets etc.) required for storage
    • Drive growth and marketability: A Chartless dental office increases marketability and patient satisfaction. Safe and secured chartless environments are very important in ensuring your patients have a secure feeling when you are dealing with their private records. Research has proven that up-to-date technology is one of the key factors that patients look for when choosing a new healthcare provider
    • Ensures safety and security: Chartless technology allows a safe way to store and transmit sensitive files and documents, such as, client medical records, billing information or tax information. These sophisticated systems are HIPAA compliant.
    • Improved work flow and quick response time: Chartless office environments offer faster file sharing which improves overall workflow productivity and quality perception from the patients. The sooner you respond to your patients, the better organized you appear to them and the happier they would be from your services.

An efficient and productive practice management system that makes information accessible all the time is a dream come true for practice owners. If a chartless dental environment is what you are striving for, TechForce offers a one stop solution that meets all integration needs, gives a quick return on investment and provides outstanding customer service by well-trained technicians.