1. Purchaser may be required to pay a minimum down payment of the purchase price, which will be forfeited in the event Purchaser breaches these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Purchaser shall pay the balance due on the date specified on the quote and/or finance plan.
  3. Darby Dental Supply, LLC shall use good faith efforts to deliver on date specified on the order, but shall not be responsible for delays beyond its control, nor shall such delays be considered breach by Darby Dental Supply, LLC hereunder. In the event of any default by Darby Dental Supply, LLC hereunder, Purchaser shall, upon demand, be entitled to the return of the down payment made under Section 1 as the Purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy.
  4. By signing this document Purchaser acknowledges that they have reviewed and validated the Terms and Conditions on and that all items and quantities are correct. The accuracy of the items ordered is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. Items ordered incorrectly may NOT be returned.  All sales are final.
  5. In the rare event that Darby Dental Supply, LLC accepts an exchange or return, the hardware is subject to a 15% restocking charge. Refunds and freight charges must be done in accordance with policy provided by the hardware manufactures and/or authorized dealers.  No refunds on any services are provided by Darby Dental Supply, LLC.
  6. In the event Purchaser breaches the Terms and Conditions, Darby Dental Supply, LLC shall, in addition to any other remedies provided under law, have the right, at its option to retain the down-payment or other payments made by the Purchaser hereunder as liquidated damages, it is being agreed that Darby Dental Supply, LLC’s actual damages are difficult, if not impossible to ascertain. Purchaser agrees to pay Darby Dental Supply, LLC’s reasonable attorney’s fees and other costs in enforcing the terms hereunder.
  8. The installation costs are based on estimated time on-site. Please note that the installation quote provided is an estimate and may change based on the actual amount of work required.  Darby Dental Supply, LLC will schedule all of the on-site work in a manner that would minimize any disruption of your ongoing operations.
  9. The warranty on your computer systems, accessories, and parts is limited to policy terms provided by manufactures and/or authorized dealers. Any service provided by Darby Dental Supply, LLC to troubleshoot or fix any manufacture’s defects will be billed at regular rates and in addition to services provided in the agreement. Costs associated with damage, loss, corruption or modification of any data due to software design or errors are solely the responsibility of the software developer and not Darby Dental Supply, LLC.  Any service provided by Darby Dental Supply, LLC to remediate/recover data as a result of errors/glitches in the software must be paid for at our regular hourly service rate and in addition to any services already included in the contract above.  Payment on such services shall not be contingent upon the software designer’s reimbursement of such expenses.
  10. Office plans and/or mechanical drawings issued by an agent of Darby Dental Supply, LLC are the sole property of Darby Dental Supply, LLC and are not to be used without consent.
  11. This proposal is subject to the general terms and conditions found at which are incorporated herein.
  12. The sales order and the Terms and Conditions listed here and at when accepted by a duly authorized officer or manager of Darby Dental Supply, LLC shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties and shall supersede all prior and cotemporaneous written or oral negotiations, warranties, representations, and agreements relating to the sales order.
  13. Monthly Charges: Your monthly subscription begins on the first day following your installation date and renews thereafter on a monthly basis beginning on the first day of the next Month until cancelled by you. PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR PARTIALLY USED SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD(S).
  14. This Agreement may be terminated by either Party providing the other Party with 30 days advance written notice of its intent to do same. Written notice of termination of TechForce services must be sent to

By signing this document I certify that I am authorized to accept all terms and conditions listed above and at in conjunction with the attached quote.