Backup & Disaster Recovery

9 out of 10 dental practices aren’t backing up their data properly. We can help.

TechForce specializes in industry-leading, HIPAA compliant server monitoring, backup and disaster recovery solutions. We combine multiple strategies to address the specific needs of today’s dental practices and help you to minimize costly downtime.


Few things in a dental practice are as valuable as your data.  DataSafe is a HIPAA compliant offsite backup service that goes beyond just storing your files.  We monitor and manage your backups to make sure they’re working properly, and we fix it if they’re not.  Many companies offer backup services, but DataSafe is designed specifically for dental practices.  General backup services don’t understand which files are important in your practice management and imaging software, meaning in the event of a data loss you may not have the files you need.  TechForce understands dental and will manage your backups to make sure you have the data that matters.

Rapid Restore

Rapid Restore is a cloud-based disaster recovery solution designed to help get your data back quickly and get you back up and running faster. Rapid Restore includes both block-level and local backups with up to 1TB of data storage that can be recovered in just 1-2 hours (instead of the 1-2 days it can take to recover file-level backups). With Rapid Restore we can create a virtualization of your server in the cloud, so that even if something happened to your office (flood, fire, loss of power, etc.), you could still access all of your files, patient records, etc. There’s no faster way to recover (and protect) your data from disaster.